Kentoc The 87th

24 October
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I am Brother to an army of sadness, confusion, and malnutrition, father to a segregated love, husband to the most graceful disloyalty, lover to the one who will never love back, son to a painful past, friend to an endless discontentment, scholar of the greatest rejection, warrior of the weakest ranks, dreamer of the many lost arts, smith of the long broken sward, keeper of the nothingness, poet of the life I lead. And these are my moments of weakness. When I have no where to turn and when I have no one to tell. Maybe I will be remembered after life after all.
abstract expressionism, acrylic, airbrush, akira, ambition, angelic layer, anime, armitage 3, art, art therapy, artists, bastard, battle angel alita, beauty, berserk, blue seed, brain powered, bubblegum crisis, cameras, cartooning, chalk pastel, charcoal, coffee, color, comics, computer animation, conceptualizing, contemplation, creating, creativity, davinci, doodling, dragon pink, drawing, dreams, ebony pencil, eccentricity, emotions, escaflowne, etchings, evangelion, excel saga, experimentation, fantasy artwork, figure studies, final fantasy games, freelance painting, full metal panic, furi kuri, gatekeepers, ghost in the shell, gothic period, green tea, gundam, hallucinations, hallucinogens, hot goth girls, hyper police, illustration, images, imagining, impressionism, insomnia, inspiration, intellectuals, intuition, inu yasha, journals, knoxville, landscapes, lithography, macross, magic knight rayearth, manga, meditation, megaman, michael angelo, mixed media, monet, mononoke hime, murals, museums, naked people, naruto, neon genesis evangelion, ninja scroll, nude models, observation, oil paint, open mindedness, orphen, painting, paintings, parallel dual, perfect blue, philosophy, photography, photojournalism, pokemon, portraits, princess mononoke, printmaking, ranma 1/2, record of lodoss war, rembrandt, rennaisance, revolutionary girl utena, robotech, rurouni kenshin, sakura diaries, sakura wars, sculpture, self expression, sketching, slayers, solitude, suikoden, surrealism, symbolism, tattoos, tenchi muyo, tenshi, trigun, urusei yatsura, vampire hunter d, vampire princess miyu, vandread, vision of escaflowne, visualizing, watercolor. .hack